About us

Established in 1995, Parmanand Jethanand Pancholia High School is a co- education institution affiliated to Maharashtra Board. The Principal, ably assisted by the staff, administers the School accomplishing the educational objectives, under the guidance of the Managing Committee.The motto of the School, viz. ‘KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM IS STRENGTH’, is corollary of our belief that a student must be nurtured & educated in a manner that moulds him/her as a human possesing intelligence, knowledge & the practical acumen enabling him surmounting challenges of life. We strive relentlessly to achieve academic excellence focusing on sharpening the skills and building attributes of the students through curricular and extra curricular activities. This helps to broaden the outlook of the students and provide an opportunity to explore and develop various talents in them. Students are also encouraged to develop their creative ability, understand their obligations to Society and to inculcate humane values. The efforts of our teachers are reflected in the cent percent results in S.S.C. exam every year.