We believe that every child is bestowed with some special talent in one field or the other. In order to unearth the hidden talents of students in various fields, we organize various talent search competitions such Dancing, Singing, Fancy Dress, Garba Raas, Elocution, Quiz, Drawing, Craft, Book Cover design, Umbrella painting, Face painting, Card making, Collage making, Clay work, Lantern making, Best out of waste competitions etc. The best talent is awarded with prizes and encouraged to pursue and excel in the field. Excursions, Educational Trip and Winter Camp organised every year to enable the students to gain rich experience and to broaden their horizons. Various events like Dahi Handi Celebrations, Navratri Celebrations, Diwali Party and Christmas Party are celebrated so that students can inculcate a sense of appreciation for our rich heritage and importance of festivals. Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated with great patriotism. Annual Sports is conducted every year and champions and sportsman are awarded with trophies and medals. The grandest function of the School is Annual Day Celebrations. Students are groomed for this programme and perform for parents showcasing their talents. We ensure that maximum number of students participate in all the functions so that each student is given an opportunity to develop his personality and skills.


BHUVANESHWARI EDUCATION SOCIETY’S ROTARY INNVOVATION CENTRE” an initiative of ROTARY CLUB OF KANDIVALI WEST MUMBAI and enabled by GROK LEARNING PVT. LTDWe are excited to announce the introduction of an activity Centre for students to learn Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science, 3D Printing, and Robotics. 


The Management has also provided ‘After School Activities’ in the school premises and the children can avail these facilities based on their inclination and interest.

Abacus Center

Fast Mathematical Calculations is the fundamental of Abacus Center. This is a concept derived from East Asian Countries. Astonishingly, students after completing the course are able to calculate faster than any other child. This course is mainly for superior brain development of the child.

Taekwondo Classes

In order to maintain physical fitness and to learn martial arts, Taekwondo classes are being conducted in the premises. Many students are black belts and many more are pursuing the process. Importance of physical fitness is highlighted in this center.

Drawing Classes

Art inclined students are gaining tremendous help and guidance from this activity. Raw talents are polished and converted in to classy finished products.

Dance classes

Dance keeps you fit and teaches the importance of each moves and technique that helps in attaining fitness and disciplines. through dance, students learn teamwork, focus and improvisational skills.  

Chess Coaching Centre

Chess helps the child in self thinking and taking prompt action. It also helps them in Maths. Chess develops patience, analysis and confidence in child.