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  • KG Section exam scheduled on Monday (05/08/2019) will be held on Thursday (07/08/2019).
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  • Due to heavy rains, Government has declared holiday on Monday (05.08.2019). Exams that was to be held on Monday (i.e 05.08.2019) for STD IX and X, is postponed to Thursday (08.08.2019).
  • Registration for National Science Olympiad Exam 2019-20 is now open in school. Students are requested to register for exam by contacting respective class teacher. For more information visit
  • Registration is open in school for Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidynyanik Competition 2019-20 last date: 12/07/2019. More information can be obtained in the website:

Students of Class VIII to X: Online space quiz by ISRO [ End date: 20 Aug,2019] ........CLICK HERE
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